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Eclipse Award 2018

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Eclipse Award for Broadhurst Street Medical Practice—second year running

For the second year running the team at Broadhurst Street Medical Practice have won in the category of “Effective Implementation Cholesterol Control” as part of the National Prescribing Safety Awards.

They won for their innovative piece of software called ‘Eclipse’ which scans the medical records of patients at the surgery and sends a report to the practice manager which flags those patients who may need monitoring closely.

An appointment is then made for the patient to attend a review. Eclipse is an innovative tool that helps prevent patients developing complications from cholesterol as they are seen earlier and therefore any changes in their health can be identified earlier and treatment put in place.

More information on the awards can be found here:




Practice Award

National Prescribing Safety Award 2017


Names from left: Ila patel (HCA), Rima Patel (HCA), Kamini Bakrania (HCA),Nishma Mistry (HCA), Gita Mistry (HCA), Usha Patel (PM), Dr. Hemlata Morjaria and Dr. Kishorchandra Morjaria


Meet the practice team from Broadhurst Street Surgery off the Melton Road in Leicester.

In the Summer of 2017, the 59 member practices of Leicester City Clinical Commission Group were asked to pilot a new piece of software called Eclipse. This software was developed to support practices to highlight potential side effects some patients may experience, who are taking high risk medications. This could include medication for diabetes, heart or blood pressure medication.

The software scans the medical records of patients at the surgery and sends a report to the practice manager which flags those patients who may need monitoring more closely.

In November 2017, a conference was held to celebrate the achievements of local practices using Eclipse. Broadhurst Street Surgery, led by Drs Morjaria and Practice Manager Usha Patel scooped the National Prescribing Safety Award for Best Monitoring High Risk Medications.

‘National Prescribing Safety Awards 2017’

Usha Patel, explains, “We were asked to pilot the new system and if our patients were to benefit from it, then of course we were going to take part. We run the system once a week and myself and Dr Morjaria, plan time in the diary to sit down and go through the patients that the report has highlighted.

“In some cases we may need to invite patients into the surgery for a check up and review their medication, but most of the time all we need to do is look at their medical record and check that their latest readings are healthy. The system helps us monitor this more closely than before. It’s like an extra pair of eyes.”

The practice is also signed up to 28 day prescribing, which means they only issue 28 days of medication in any one prescription. So when patients go on holiday they are prescribed maximum of twelve weeks medication or if they have been hospitalised the repeat prescription is not dispensed until a discharge summery or TTO has been checked.

We request our patients who are on high risk medication for conditions like diabetes on insulin or uncontrolled Diabetes to send their BM (blood sugar monitoring) chart to the surgery either weekly or monthly so that the doctor can advise any change.

Whenever there is a request for any medication which is not on repeat from the chemist the doctor checks through the records if its safe to prescribe.

Dr Morjaria, says, “We pride ourselves on the relationship we have with our local community. We have generations of families that we know well, and that comes with being based in the heart of a community off the Melton Road.


‘We are delighted’

Speaking about the award, Dr Morjaria said, “We are delighted with the award and it’s really good to have our hard work acknowledged. Correct prescribing is crucial to

keeping our patients healthy and well.”








National Diabetes Audit Winner

Practices volunteered to participate in the National Diabetes Audit 2015 (July 2016)

Participation was high with over 88% of city practices participating.

Leicester City results analysed anonymously by three GP diabetes mentors.

We would like to recognise the achievement of the practices that demonstrated they are providing the best diabetes care.

Practices should achieve:

  • all 3 treatment targets (in 50%+ of cases)
  • 60%+ of the measurements of the 8 care processes

The Winners

First place - Broadhurst Street Surgery: Dr Morjaria


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